bunny data services inc.
... fast like a bunny, but good too.
about us
Bunny Data Services Inc. is a small firm employing quality, hard working employees. We value quality and on-time delivery, while not ignoring our central company focus of caring.
mission statement
It is our job to assertively orchestrate mission-critical deliverables in order to continue interactively customizing progressive technology while encouraging personal employee growth.
Quite simply, we are striving to be a local leading firm specializing in caring, integrity, and quality.
bunny data services inc.
... fast like a bunny, but good too.
Bunny Data Services Inc. (BDSi) is a document/CAD/IT firm offering technical document compliance services, IT implementation and troubleshooting, and controls / robotics programming.
BDSi can provide CAD technical drawing compliance services to convert or modify drawings to meet any standards. As well, we have over 15 years of IT knowledge including entire systems integration and installation.
range of services
BDSi provides clients with highly personalized and quality-oriented services. Clients may choose from our services indicated below; or, customized and individualized services can be provided as requested by our clients.
  • Preparation of contract documents for new and remodel projects (including CAD drawings and tailor-made specifications).
  • Mechanical systems analysis of existing equipment performance and recommendations for equipment replacement or upgrades.
  • Complete IT system implementation and maintenance including upgrades or new installation (software and hardware)
specialty services
BDSi also provides various specialized services, such as:
  • CAD documentation conversion and modification to assure compliance with the GM Teamcenter CAD database system.
  • Custom software including, but not limited to: asset management, resource delegation, scheduling, collaboration, etc.
  • Server implementation including AD Domain, file, FTP, VPN, Exchange, WWW, and many other types of servers.
bunny data services inc.
... fast like a bunny, but good too.
20 years of varying experience with a wide gamut of specializations, I decided that I no longer wanted to be constrained by the typical structure of office work; basically no commute, a flexible schedule, and working to finish my own tasks.
The first step was telecommuting; a seemingly simple task. However, while eliminating the need commute was rewarding, technological barriers and archaic cultural atmosphere were big challenges; both of these issues were directly contradictory to the flexible schedule I desired. I realized the issue was the environment I was attempting to fit in with, I knew I needed to build the work environment from the ground up in a way that I believe is more healthy and natural; thus Bunny Data Services Inc. was born.
With geographic constraints being largely eliminated by the Internet, and implementing a tightly regimented schedule per task, BDSi is able to meet deadlines by eliminating the 'repurposing' of labour that has always been common in a typical office setting, while still being able to ensure team members are accountable for their work, and meet exacting deadlines while producing quality work.
compliance team
Our compliance team is ever changing depending on workload, but here are some things they had to say:
  • Charlie B. (Whistler, BC) - Working for BDSi is the dream job I'd hoped for since I graduated. I met the founder randomly one night at a pub. We got to talking and, once he'd found out what I'd gone to school for, he spoke of this utopic job that I could continue doing what I was already doing, but work only as much as I wanted AND work from home. At first it was 4-6 hours / week for extra money, but now it is my 'full time' job, and has allowed me to move closer to my family.
  • Sandy L. (Cottam, ON) - I found out about BDSi when I was doing landscaping for one of their clients; she had brought us all some water as it was unbelievably hot, and as we had a water break, I'd mentioned I liked CAD. She gave me a business card, I met with the founder at his home, and was hired. Now I work anywhere from 4-60 hours per week to fill in the gaps when landscaping is slow.
bunny data services inc.
... fast like a bunny, but good too.
Since what Bunny Data Services Inc. specializes in is primarily of digital nature, we had the unique opportunity to be creative with our 'office'. We believe the typical 'centralized' work atmosphere is not always conducive to productivity or well-being, so our places of work are decentralised. When collaboration is required, we use technology to bridge the distance; this allows us to employ the finest talent without being constrained by geography, and allows us to keep our talented workers.
contact us
We can be contacted via e-mail at the address listed in the footer of all webpages on this site; we are continuously monitoring our e-mail, so we should get back to you quickly.